.. .brings sparkle, electricity, dynamite and vibrance to the organ.

Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, CO

. . .an interpretation extremely musical and brilliant. . .a visionary organist.

Dijon, France

.. .technically and musically an artist of the first magnitude.

Jackson, MS

.. .clean, polished technique and her considered interpretation are by no means without passion. She allows, with the reverence of a genuine artist, the composer to speak for himself.

Dallas, TX

. . .masterful performance.

Phoenix, AZ

. . .Wilma Jensen is the consummate musician.

Kansas City, M.O

.. .compelling and superbly performed program. Gouda,

The Netherlands

. . .a manner of playing rich with emotion, an absolutely compelling performance.

Meldorf, West Germany

. . .sensitiveness of feeling - colorful imagination and the unerring grasp of style.

Jacksonville, IL